Sunday, May 1, 2016

Maybe Hemingway Didn't Like Long Sentences

          Just a quick update this weekend. I have been busy all weekend and have finished editing my first five chapters, Most of it required almost a complete rewrite and certainly a lot of editing. One thing that's been helping me is a new online program called Hemingway App.

          Its an online editing app that you can plug your writing into and it will tell you about your work. It is against long sentences (perhaps because Hemmingway was?), but it also tells you when you have passive writing and catches all your adverbs. I don't make all the changes it suggests, but its nice, almost like having an extra set of eyes.

          My work is about 8,000 words done 5 chapters in and 22 pages long (after including page breaks). According to the app, it would take about 32 minutes to read it so far.

          I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep to five chapters a week. If I can, I'll have this ready to send out to a professional editor by the beginning of June. Lets hope I can. I really want to get this novel out for all of you!

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