Wednesday, April 27, 2016


          Its going to be a very quick update today, and since I'm Canadian, I'll apologize in advance. I have a day job that buys 8.5 hrs of my life on a near-to-daily schedule and I was running a pathfinder game when I got home. Finally, I have a sick husband to take care of and while I married a wonderfully competent husband, it is that little bit extra to put a cherry on an already busy day. 

          Anyways,  I have now finished my excel chapter-by-chapter run down on Monday morning. I spent the next day and a half working on the timeline for my novel. Once again, technology saved me! I have always had trouble making them on paper and despite its many uses, Scrivener is just not my thing. I find it distracts rather than enhances my working environment. Fortunately, Excel was able to come to my rescue yet again. 

          Most of my issue with paper is that I always end up wanting to move what I've come up with and on paper, it just isn't possible without scissors. On the other hand, Excel allows you to pick up cells and move them wherever you want them to go, you can create a new line wherever you want...  overall, it works really well. In addition to figuring out a timeline from a century prior up to present day in my novel, I was able to name characters and figure out what my characters names will be. 

          I still have the timeline during the space of my novel to work on, but I think that I will add those in as I actually work on the chapters, which will also allow me to change it as needed. 

          I'm going to cut today's post of here though. I had a wicked idea for where to start the first chapter and I'd like to get some of this work edited today. 

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