Friday, May 13, 2016

May I Present...

          Today it hit me. I am a writer and I have been one for years. But later this year, I will be a published writer. I will be able to officially say that I am an author when I introduce myself.

          It seems like it should be the smallest change in the world. Nothing more than a word, really, so how can that change anything? But lately, I've been doing things that have nothing to do with writing and everything to do with owning a small business. I'm reading up on self-publishing, looking into covers, making business cards, looking up how ISBN's work... I'm even going to be giving a presentation at When Words Collide this year.

          In real world terms, I can say that a month or two ago, I designed a symbol for my publishing company (you can see it below). I came up with a name. A few weeks ago, I ordered business cards and then looked more into registering a trade name. Today, I got that name registered. I was elated. 

          Coincidently, when I finished work I received an email. It was from When Words Collide. Originally, ARWA sent my presentation idea in, so I haven't a clue what was sent in and what wasn't. In this case, WWC was asking for my presenter information.

          All of sudden, looking over the information they were asking for, it was real, in ways that it hadn't been before. I was going to finish editing my novel, prepare a presentation, publish my novel and give a presentation as an author later this year.

          This is a silly thing. It's something that I've known for years, something that I've wanted to do for years. I don't know why it feels more real, it shouldn't. Yet, it does. It's going to be a few days before it really sinks in.

          At any rate, now that it is legal and registered, I can finally tell all of you...

          May I present, for the first time, Brandy Ackerley, soon-to-be-Author, publishing under the company, Inked Fox Press?