Monday, May 16, 2016

That Was Unexpected

          Well, my last post certainly got some notice. Over four times the amount of people visited than usually visit for my posts. It was a big bit of news and a post that was from the heart, but I'm still a bit flabbergasted by the attention. Thank you everyone that visited, shared my blog or let your friends know.

          Unfortunately, away from that brief little bit of fame, life continues as normal, editing away on the book. This chapter I'm working on now has required quite a bit of work and my weekend was full of plans, putting me a bit behind on my editing. Fortunately, next week is a four day weekend that is mostly empty, which should allow me to get caught back up!

          This latest chapter has been difficult because the original problem was being solved too easily. In this edit, I have expanded and honed the conflict, which means that much of the original sisterly argument I'm working with was Milquetoast in comparison. It should be amazing when it's done though.

          I'm going to leave now so that I can work on it more before I head to sleep. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish Chapter 10 this week, which would put me a quarter of the way through my edits. Keep your fingers crossed!

          As a bit of a thank you, I think I'll post a bit of story for my Wednesday post... the only question is do I want to post a chapter of this book or the short story I've been working on lately? Let me know what you'd prefer in a comment or just come back Wednesday to see what I chose!

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