Sunday, May 22, 2016


I'm going to start off on a bit of a one-off comment here. Sometimes, I love looking at my blog stats. Today, I'm laughing because the most views of the week has come from Slovakia. Most likely its a bot, since the most used languages there are Slovak followed by Czech (though both use the Latin alphabet like English, so you never know...). On the off chance it isn't a bot, Vitajte to my Slovakian readers! If you aren't a bot, let me know by leaving a comment below, in whatever language you use. Google translate is a thing and I'm not above using it if it enhances communication.

Actually, looking at my stats, though most of my readers are in Canada, with the next largest country being (unsurprisingly) the United States, the next three are from Slovakia, Portugal and Germany. While I actually do know people in Germany (Hello Uncle Ragnar and Dan Wells*), I have to say that I think I've ever met anyone from Slovakia or Portugal. Part of me hopes it isn't the bots. I'd like to have a diverse readership when I start publishing. 

That does bring to mind Dan Wells, again though. He's an author (of Writing Excuses podcast fame as well as writing two of my favourite series - Partials and I am Not a Serial Killer) who found after publishing that most of his readership was in Germany, not his home country of America. Though I don't think that will happen to me, I'd be honoured if it did. I wonder how many writers look at their readership and viewers and how many of them are surprised by where they're most popular, especially indie writers who may be publishing everything online. 

The other thing I will mention, is that my productivity has suffered this week all due to Don't Starve. Every time I make the mistake of turning that game on, I lose hours to it without even noticing. Because of that and other general busyness, I only got a two and a half chapters finished. Bleh, back to editing... I'll make a deal with myself. After I finish editing this novel (and have most of my presentation figured out for August), I can play for a week straight with no regrets while I plan my next novel. 

*Note: While I'm throwing around Dan Wells name here, I don't actually know him in a "we're friends" way. Basically we've chatted on Twitter three or four times. If you haven't read his books, especially the above mentioned series, go find them. He's an awesome author. If you're in the stats, you can also look for his I am Not a Serial Killer book which is currently being made into a movie/theatre play right now. I'm linking his blog here, so you can find out all about his stuff as well.

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