Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frazzled + Frustrated = Winning Combination (not)

          This week has been frustrating in a few ways for me. For one, I have not finished my novel yet. I have moved forward on it, but the scene that I though was only going to be one, turned out to be three scenes and one of them included a battle, which I admit, I sort of suck at. They are one of my banes right now, which means that I tend to stress out trying to write them in the first place and that I need to spend a lot more time trying to have them make sense. So I am on the third scene of that set, where they find out that the monster they fought had been carrying the items they had hoped not to find. I should have two scenes after this one (crosses fingers) and then I'll be done. I have finished nearly 8k worth of words this week so despite my appearance of doing nothing, I have accomplished something. 

          The other bit of very interesting news that has left me a bit frazzled this week is that I may be a presenter at When Words Collide 2016 (Calgary's biggest writer/reader convention that I know of). As in, I am listed on their website for a panel. I'll let you know when its been confirmed for sure and until then, I'll be preparing for it. Right now my big thing is creating a logo... something to put on a business card and my novels that will make you think you of me when you see it. My husband came up with a brilliant idea... I'm going to keep a lid on it until I've got it drawn though. Yes, I will most likely be drawing it myself. I took art all through school and actually considered going into animation professionally, so I should be able to handle this. If I can't, then I'll commission an actual artist to do it for me. Either way, keep an eye out for that!

          Since I generally suck at keeping everything straight in my head without a to-do list, I signed up for one. Habitica is a site where not finishing daily goals means that your avatar gets hurt... an actual issue since your avatar has hit points and equipment and can defeat bosses and take part in challenges. Basically, its like playing an rpg except that your quests are items on your to do list. When you accomplish a task you get in-game gold and silver to buy equipment, like better weapons so the tasks you complete will do more damage to monsters, or health potions for when you can't finish everything and you take damage. It seems pretty interesting, though this is only my second day using it... I'll give you a more detailed review later when I've used it for a month or so. 

This is my Avatar in Habitica. Her current equipment is a training sword and a set of mouse ears... until I find fox ears they will have to do. As you can see,  I took damage for not meeting a health goal. My XP is going up decently though!

          Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm running away. I have a list to finish working on!

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