Saturday, April 2, 2016

So Close!

          Today's post will be short, because its 11:30 pm and I've worked hard. In the last two days(one of which was my wedding anniversary), I have managed to write 4,909 words. I have finished all of the climax scenes and I have only two epilogue scenes left. Probably another 2,000 to 4,000 more words to finish this. Since I'm already at 63,040 words, it means that I will hit 65,000 words on this rough draft, which is a more than reasonable total. Of course, I'll know the exact total after I've finished and gone back and deleted all the stuff that clearly wasn't working, which could be as much as 3k. Still, in the next few days I will be finished.

          Have no worries, I will post here when I have finished the book and totalled up all the numbers. Also, I should have a downright awesome surprise to share soon. I just need to confirm something, but after that I should have some very interesting news coming down the line!

          Lastly, since all work and no play is one of the fastest ways I know to kill my motivation, my hubby took me to see a movie I have been waiting to see for months now. Zootopia! The movie rocked it in my opinion. It dealt with big issues of gender and race in a way that made it easy to see ourselves in it, while also making us laugh, tear up or gasp at the danger. It was a wonderful movie, and I suggest everyone run out to see it. It will be going on my shelf when it comes out!

Poster is property of Disney. I'm just posting it because the movie was awesome.

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