Wednesday, April 20, 2016


          Today, I received the loveliest compliment today from a fellow writer. Kate Larking on Anxiety Ink was talking about feeling thankful for all the great people she knows, specifically today, the writers. She included me in that list, with the one of the nicest compliments that I have received. Seriously, I've included the link just above for her page and I suggest you go check it out. I know at least a few of the other writers she thanks on there and they are all great people (with links to all their sites as well).

          Also, I totally squee'd when I saw that she thanks CE Murphy. I have read her urban shaman series and it completely rocks (that series is also why I now own a white leather jacket). The writer community is reasonably tight so as you make friends, you'll find you are able to meet and greet with authors that you may find squee-worthy and are way above your pay-grade (meaning, usually, that they can make a living off this). Sorta cherry-topped that awesome feeling, especially since I started reading her Urban Shaman series again (in fact, I started Coyote Dreams yesterday).

          The other absolutely awesome thing that happened today is that I ordered my business cards. I've been working on their design for a few weeks now, to the point of actually designing a logo for my "press" when I start publishing. I'll have more on that after I've registered my company name and its officially mine (I needed to update some of my identification before I can finish putting the register through). I can't wait to receive them! The estimated shipping time said 7 days, so with a bit of luck I'll be able to do a full reveal of both sometime next week.

          As a final note, I picked up Isuna Hasekura's final novel in the Spice & Wolf light novel series yesterday. Volume 17: Epilogue. Due to that, I did not work on my editing much when I got home yesterday or today. I am 40% of the way through the read through so far, with one character deleted and two to three chapters I'll need to write in so far and I'll definitely be working on it more tonight or, at the latest, tomorrow, depending on how late my company stays tonight. Here's hoping that I can have the read-through finished for my next post on Sunday.

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