Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nothing New Under the Sun

Or at least, not all that much new for me. I've been reading a lot, managed to get to 101 books before the end of 2015. Now it's the 2nd and I've already finished book #1 on the list; a delightful read by Molly Harper called The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf. The character voice is pretty the same as all of her other characters, but if you like her novels this is a fine book of hers!

I did start writing on the first, though not quite as early as I thought I was going to. I picked up a video game called Ori and the Blind Forest. If you haven't played it, I would highly suggest it, based on the 2 hours experience I've got on it. It did mean that yesterdays words only came the next day after company had left though. I suppose I still managed to get 1190 words, so a more than reasonable enough start to book 2 in my series. I'm getting my characters in to conflict on page 1, which is always fun.

Other than that, I bought some awesome books.

This was only part of the haul!

I've had Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert on my list for quite a while, so I was super glad to finally pick up a copy last year. I also picked up the manga, Puella Magi Tart Magica, which is is awesome and based in the same world as Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The other two books pictured are ones I haven't read and really only know about them from what's the back. Its a tradition of mine. As an end of year ritual, I pick up at least one book each year solely based on the cover and the back cover explanation. If both have me interested I pick up the book. For me, its essentially a book blind date; Its got some good credentials to recommend it, so I'm proposing we sit down for a few hours and get to know each other. 

The other books I picked up this year, 3 light novels (Spice & Wolf, Vol 15, Coin of the Sun II and books 005 and 006 from the Sword Art Online set) and two gifts (hard covers of S.M. Stirlings newest Emberverse novels) are all books that I've been looking forward to for a long time and I can't wait to get started on them. 

What books or awesome gifts did you get this year? Have you read any of these yet? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've read the first part of Big Magic. I save it for when I *really* need to read it because it's pretty powerful. I plan on doing a blog reaction-by-section over at

  2. Oh, nice! I decided to read Big Magic a chapter a day. That way when I need help, I know which part to read again. I'll be looking forward to reading your review!