Saturday, January 30, 2016

What I've Been Up, Two

          Hey everybody, I have a novel update to chat about today!
The idea for the character Kuzunoha first came from a character I made for a roleplaying game. Here is the mini I painted for her. The sword is way too long for a wakizashi though.
          Since I'm hoping to publish the first Kitsune-Ken book later this year, I knew I'd have to get on writing the next volumes since this is going to be a series. The first book follows Kuzunoha Tanami, the bastard daughter of a rich merchant family, while she works to find independence from her sister, going on a very literal treasure hunt to find it.

          The second book continues with the same characters (though with a few new viewpoints added), as they leave their home town of Hidalgo for the city of Kevettika, the capital of the neighbouring country Kessel, where some documents found in the last book suggest that the Tanami family may still kin living there. 

          Of course, all of your favourite characters will still be there. Jocelyn, Richard, Salla, Skylla, Himiko, Kuzunoha, and you'll find new characters to know and love!

          So, why am I writing the second book before I've even edited the first book, and more importantly, why am I taunting you with updates about it when you can't even go out and buy the first book yet? 

          Well, I knew that I would need at least two to three months between writing a book and editing it. I didn't want to leave the characters without doing anything with them for that long and I didn't want you to have to wait double that for the sequel
. Thus, writing the second book and then editing the first, followed by writing the third, then editing the second and so on and so forth. As soon as I've edited it, I'm going to send it to a professional editor and then set a date for publishing. At that point, I'll begin looking into covers and all the rest, while doing any changes that I need to make as suggested by the editor.

          As for the second part of the question? Well, that should be obvious. I taunt you because I'm a writer... and that's sort of our schtick. 

          Keep an eye out for updates, and the occasional rocking scene here.

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