Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Goals

          2016 is right around the corner and I really want to talk about my goals this year... mainly because I think I've got them figured out. It took me a while since I needed to do revisions on it, but I finally figured out a very simple way of doing my goals for the year. I took a free excel calendar of 2016, and added three columns to the side of it. Because I am a whiz at naming things (see, sarcasm) I have titled each of these exactly what they are; Period Goals, Weekly Goal Expected and Weekly Goal Obtained.

          My period goals are the big things I'm looking to accomplish and how long I want to spend on them. Things like writing new novels, editing those novels and such. I have stuck to working on one project at a time, since in general that works a lot better for me. I can do the base checks of other stuff, but this way I know what I want to concentrate on at any given time. From there, I split up my base goals into sometime obtainable in a week. I could do these things faster, however, working a full time job can sometimes be the death of us so I've decided to make a modest goal that keeps me working and stretching without killing myself trying to make insane gains. I can adjust these week by week during that time as well, so if I can a killer week and write 17,000 words, I can scale down the following weeks to account for that. I can also do the opposite to cover for horrible weeks where say
I get sick and am only able to edit 10 pages instead of 25.
          Either way, I will have the Weekly Goal Obtained to show me how well I did. If I hit my benchmark for that week, I'm going to make it green as well as adding in my number. If I knock the ball out of the park, I can put it in a glorious light blue or something. If I didn't make my goal but was close I can make it yellow or if I failed utterly I can make it red. I can also put my excuses in there... an explanation of why I did miserably so I can tell later if that was valid and I need to account for it next year or if it was a one off that I need to count in the "sh*t happens" folder.
          And that essentially is my calendar for the year. Have you ever tried to work out Year-In-Advance? Do you find it helps you at all? If you don't, how do you decide what you're working on and when? Let me know in the comments, below!

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