Monday, June 6, 2016

An Announcement!

So, I can now officially announce that I will be on at least one panel at When Words Collide 2016. The one panel I can tell you about right now is titled Mythologies Around the World. I suggested this because I was thinking about different ideas that I wanted to see books written about and I really wanted to see mythology and creatures that we haven't seen yet.

We started with European monsters and went from vampires to werewolves. After that we got a run in shifter stories, which simply based on the diversity of creatures has been enjoying a long popularity. We've also seen more than a few books based on witches and native mythology. But I noticed that there isn't much from other areas of the world. I thought having four or five people to talk about a different country or set of countries each that weren't often talked about would be really interesting and informative, especially if you write.

I was considering doing Japan; its a country that I'm very interested in and that I've done a lot of independent study on already. However, I decided that taking that route would be the easy one. Instead, based on my interest in the tales of the lara, a mermaid-type of creature from South America, I decided to choose Brazil.

It's a more difficult route, since I'm going to have to fit in study on a number of different creatures before I decide on exactly what to do the report on and begin planning my part of the presentation. Still, I don't regret my choice. Once I decide what I'm doing the presentation on, I'll let you know in what I'll be doing. In the meantime, if you know of a Brazilian myth, monster or tale that you think I would find interesting, please email the story and creature name to me at or just respond in the comments below! Also, share your favourite cultural story or critter you grew up with and where you're from... we're one world and even just a few miles makes a huge difference to the beliefs a group will hold.

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