Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading and Writing...

          I haven't been around much this week and I apologize for that. I found out last weekend that 7th Sea had a Kickstarter event (which was successfully funded at 1.3 Million bucks just a few minutes ago), and then two books that I have been waiting on came out on Tuesday (Anne Bishop's Marked in Flesh and Patricia Briggs' Fire Touched), so I've been reading insanely! I finished both on Friday, I believe, but yesterday was filled with cleaning, writing and research... on tablets.
          Yeah, I don't normally do research on tablets, since I have one (I have multiple electronics actually). Unfortunately, on Friday it stopped working. It was at 70% power, so that wasn't an issue and I didn't bump it on anything. It won't turn on, won't charge (or at least the lights are lighting) and I decided that it was time for a new one.
          In the end, I decided on a Lenovo 7". It's a low end 7" Android tablet, which for what I want is more than enough. Literally, I use it to read on and occasionally I'll use it to game with (since I have a physics dice roller). I have twitter and FB on there, but mainly so I can share from my reading apps to them. Essentially, I wanted a glorified ereader, and thus the fact that its a bit cheap is fine.
          On the other hand, I've been using it today and  OMGosh, I am loving it. Its a great unit (and the book I'm reading on it is pretty awesome as well) and I'm very happy so far.
Finally, something completely non-writing related. I have recently taken up poi (many people know the fire spinning version of this) and I got my first set in the mail! One day, when I have any skill in it at all (since I'm still learning how to move a single poi around without smacking myself or looking silly with it) I'll post a video of me doing it.
          So, that's what I'm in currently up to. I have been writing, but not 1000 words a day. I have high hopes for this week. I'm currently at 48,000 words though, so I am doing well... this part is just a bit of a slog to get through. Most of my instructions here were "they travel and things happen" which is never an easy part of the writing process to get through. Still, I'm working through it. Another scene and then I may be very near the end, which means this book may come in (rough draft) at closer to 60k words than 70k. Which is no problem for me since I'm sure I'll realize stuff I missed or can add in later.
          Today's question is about your reading habits. What is your preferred format to read by and if you have a device you use to do ereading on, what is it?

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