Friday, March 18, 2016

50k words and I feel like I'm dancing on Sunshine!

          This week, I managed to hit 50k on my novel! I must admit, I am damn impressed. It's a lot more than a month, but I am quite comfortable in the knowledge that I am only able to keep up that level of writing over a smaller period of time and that I need a break afterward. If I sound to you like I'm justifying, I am, slightly. I feel bad that I can't seem to keep up that level of writing on a permanent basis. In the meantime, I'm left not reaching my goals. On the other hand, today helps to remind me that even if I'm taking more time than others or even more time than I want. It may take me longer but I'm still getting there.

          One thing I did have to remind myself and accept was that I am not writing to reach a certain number of words, but that I'm trying to tell a story. Somewhere along the way, I forgot that and then I started looking at my novel and realizing that I probably don't have enough story there to reach 70,000 words. It was hard, but I eventually reminded myself that it was the story that mattered, not the word count.

          After coming to terms with this, I realized I probably only have another 12,000 to 15,000 words left on this novel. I'm so close! I'm sorta hoping that I will be able to make it before the end of the month. I'd love to start off April with a week of intense reading and then starting to edit and making my novel bible for the first book. I'll keep you updated either way! 

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