Sunday, September 3, 2017

Back After the Unexplained Hiatus

          Well, I am back. And I even have good news to share! I finished editing my novel. I consider this one the second edit, though in reality, it's the fifth, I think, and it will go through another before I send it to my editor. 
         Speaking of which, I actually spoke with my editor a few weeks ago. We discussed my exceptionally flimsy business plan, which is what happens when your plan is, "make this writing thing a business". She brought up a whole bunch of interesting possibilities and suggestions for helping me to make this my career. One of which included the possibility of not releasing any books this year.
          The main part of this outrageous plan is actually based on how people are buying their books now. Apparently, if your book is a series, as mine is, prospective buyers are waiting until you have a few books out so that they have some proof that you can publish. While my second book is written, it is currently unedited. So I'm going to edit it in the coming months, and hopefully have it ready to be looked at next year, so both can go out just a few months apart. It will certainly make the wait easier for you guys.
          One thing she did suggest and I am seriously considering is putting out some of my short stories in the meantime. According to the conference, they are still doing quite well and it would get my name out there for when I do release my novels. That's still up in the air, but expect to hear more on it later.
          Lastly, since my book has been sent to my betas, I have started writing a new book. It's in a completely different genre; paranormal romance. It's about a mage who wants a perfectly normal life, being a sound engineer at the theatre.  Her goals are blocked by an old flame, a former gang member who wants to draw her back in and there is a sexy romance between her a woman she saves. I'll let you know what's happening with that later, but currently I'm 10k in and hoping to finish writing it later this year.

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