Monday, August 15, 2016

WWC Book Purchases

When Words Collide ended on Sunday and I fully admit, I'm still exhausted. When I got home, I had enough energy for a nap and some reading and that was it for the week. I had enough energy to go out for a movie on Monday, saw Suicide Squad and quite enjoyed myself. Plot holes up the wazoo, but its fun as hell, IMO. I'll be seeing Kubo and the Two Strings tonight, hopefully. and then slowly fade into further exhaustion. Part of that is that I came down with a case of Con-Crud... fortunately, I had plenty of new books to occupy myself with!

 I picked up 18 new books and 2 new graphic novels while at wwc! 

These are the two available comics of my friend Kate Larking from the comic she does called Crash & Burn. While I can't remember the names of the incredible people she's working with, I can say that these comics completely rocked and I suggest picking them up when you get a chance. They were even one of the nominees for the Aurora Award in the Graphic Novel category this year!

I won these seven books when I attended the Sirens release party. Most of these are anthologies, I believe, and the one that I am most excited to read about is Demons, Imps and Incubi which is a romance collection of short stories about said Demons, Imps and Incubi. 

These two were stories that are happy kryonite for me. Both use Asian mytholgies to tell their stories. The Good Brother is a Chinese ghost and coming of age story, whereas Cold Hill Side seem to be an Asian political humans vs fae/kami idea. I can't wait to start reading both of these! They are actually the ones I'm second most excited for!

I broke my rule of no book purchases the first day by buying the first book in this series, Stolen Songbird by Danielle L Jensen. The cover drew me in, the back cover told the interesting tale of a girl kidnapped to break a curse and the first few pages left me unwilling to put it back down. When I found out the author was there, I bought the whole series. They look super interesting!

Sirens, an anthology edited by Rhonda Parish was a no-brain purchase; I have the other three books in the series and they have not failed to impress. In fact, I started reading it yesterday and I'm nearly 60 pages in already. It's excellent. The other two had interesting looking stories; Cold Stone and Ivy is steampunk and Spirit Singer is fantasy, both seem to be YA novels. 

There two are reference books that were suggested to me. The first is basically what the people who weren't lords in medieval/Victorian times did (Knocker-Uppers and such) and the second is a food guide for the same time period.

My last purchase was SG Wong's paranormal mystery novels about a Chinese PI with a ghost and a trust fund. I've been meaning to pick it up for a few years now and made a point of bringing it home this year. 

Did you bring home any books? What have you been reading?

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