Monday, August 22, 2016


          Just as a quick update, I finished chapter 32 and 33 this weekend and figured out how much more editing I have left to do. There are ten more chapters to edit, two of which will simply be deleted wholesale when I get to them, and only 16,000 words to go. So, yes, I'm still on for having this done right around the beginning of September.
          But I'm sure that what you really want to hear about here is how the conference went. It was incredible. I was on the panels with some truly incredible people.
          First, was my panel on Dark Fantasy and Horror with Patricia Flewwelling, Colleen Anderson, and Nancy Kilpatrick. It started off on a bit of a low note, but after that we settled into an excellent discussion. We talked about what horror is, how it is important, why we write it, as well as answered questions from the audience about women presentation in darker fiction and what genre is.
          My second panel was with Nola Sarina, Jessica L. Jackson, and Lori Whyte talking about Sexuality and Sensuality. I think I was able to hold my own and we had a great conversation about sexuality in fiction, how to work it into your writing. I fully admit that the other people up there were way more brilliant than me though. Check out their work! If you're close by, you can also join the Alberta Romance Writers Association. You get two workshops monthly (except during the summer months) and its awesome.
          I was late for my final panel (I was too nervous and misread the room name) for Mythologies Around the World. My fellow presenters Calvin Jim, Angelica Dawson, J.Y.T. Kennedy, and Jodi McIssac were brilliant and more than kind about my gaff and the conversation we had about mythology, how to apply the myths to our writing and what singularities there were between myths around the world was riveting. All of my fellow presenters were intelligent, wise and interesting and I followed it by having one of the most interesting conversations of the day with Calvin Jim about Japanese legend and myth.
        So that was my incredible convention weekend. I got to talk to so many interesting people and made many new friends! Please come by next year and join me!

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