Saturday, July 2, 2016

50% and Counting

It has been too long!

Sorry about that delay! I have been driving myself mad trying to get everything done. I've been editing like a madman. I'm 34k finished, which puts me at my halfway point. Here are some interesting points I discovered.

  • So far I have editing 34,353 words.
  • According to the Hemingway App, it would take 2 hours and 17 minutes to read that 34, 353 words. 
  • I have three main POV's. They are... An Asian woman named Kuzunoha, a Norse man named Jocelin and a black man named Richard.
  • Though I spent nearly two months working on the first 10,000 words of this story, I finished the rest of the rough draft (60,000 words) completely during the month of November 2015. 
  • I began editing this book on the 1st of May. I'm hoping it won't take another 2 months to finish the last 35,000 words. 

It's been slow editing this week, because the three chapters prior to this one all needed to be written from scratch and then edited. I'm hoping that most of my book won't require that level of work. Since less than half of the first 35,000 needed that level, I definitely have high hopes for the rest. 

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