Friday, February 17, 2017

Plotting away...

Alright! I am back and writing again. My arm is still hurting a bit... it seems that the fall managed to exacerbate my tendinitis, which had been reasonably good until then. However, with time all things heal... and get even better! I had time to finish reading over that section and have a plethora of idea to throw in to change the part that my editor suggested cutting. Don't get me wrong, quite a bit of it will still be cut, but a lot will be added as well, including an entire section with Skylla that wasn't in before. It will take a bit of work to do, but that doesn't scare me; I wrote a book. If work scared me, I'd never have begun all this in the first place.

However, my tendinitis is still here, which does mean I'm taking it a bit slower than I would like right now. I'm starting off with a regime of a minimum of 250 words a day. If I'm on a roll at that point, I can continue writing to my heart's content, but if I'm hurting I can stop, knowing I've done my work for the day. So far, its working well. I'm hoping to have a few chapters done of it sooner.

I'm also considering sharing my first couple of chapters on here... if that's something you think you'd like, let me know in the comments below.

Lastly, I can share some exciting news with you all! I finally got my professional pictures taken. It will take me a few weeks to get my pictures back, but when I do, I will have a headshot ready and waiting for my novels as well as a fun picture for things like Facebook and maybe even Twitter. I can't wait to show them off! Keep an eye out for those coming soon!

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