Monday, January 16, 2017

Finally Getting Better

          It has been a bleh couple of weeks folks. Even admitting that January/February is usually when I get my worst illnesses of the year, this one has been a doozy. I have a touch of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or something like it; basically, I don’t do as well when the I’m not getting my preferred amount of light (I used to joke that I was obviously photosynthesizing. I get a little bit depressed, I’m a little more likely to get sick and I’m much more likely to wallow in my own depression about it. Normally by the end of March I’m champing at the bit, desperate to see green plants and bright sunlight again. Enough so that every year I take pictures of the new green buds just because they fill me with so much pleasure.

          Anyways, now that you’ve had the long story, I can say (short story) I caught the flu and it took me out for two weeks. Now I’m mostly over it, just a bit of achy muscles, a stuffed up nose, and a bit of tiredness in general left. It means that I haven’t gotten much writing or editing done in the last two weeks, though I am very glad that ‘less’ in this case doesn’t equal ‘none’. I finished editing two chapters of Hunter and have a paragraph started for a completely new chapter I’m adding to the novel. I can't wait to get even more done on it. I recently figured out an entire section to add, while quietly cutting down the storyline that my MC deals with in town.

          Speaking of my editing experience, I must say, when I first saw the changes my editor suggested I was horribly disappointed in myself. Now, I can see why she made the suggestions. Her comments really made me look at my story and decide not only what I wanted but what would make my book even more exciting for my readers. I can't wait to get even more of those changes done. 

          Lastly, I finally had a chance to get to Chapters so I can now tell you about my New Years novel. The one I chose is an awesome little fantasy called Skyborn (by David Dalglish) about twins who join their local army; using magic and mechanical wings as their weapons. It sounds interesting and I'll be starting it after I finish reading the novel I'm currently reading.

          Have any of you read any of David Dalglish's novels? What did you think of them and this one in particular? Oh, make sure you come keep an eye out for my next post where I'll be talking about what I read last year in Goodread's Reading Challenge and what my challenge for this year is!  

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