Wednesday, November 2, 2016


          And not just Nanowrimo busy either, though of course there's that as well. In addition to Nanowrimo, I have my novel that I'm trying to finish so that I can send it to my editor, and I applied for a new position at work (during November, I know, I'm a writer, of course, I'm insane). Fortunately, having taken time off means that I was able to keep myself on track the last few days. I have one last person (my husband, actually), fulfilling his Mike-ly duties and helping me to edit my book (please note: He's awesome for doing it and I love the fact that he's really enjoying it) and then I can send it off, probably today or tomorrow. Yesterday, I managed to write 2,811 words, so I should only have to write another 500 or so be on track  for today's total. My novel is awesome and actually began with a great discussion between characters on death rites in each of their religions. It was a great scene that blew me away. As well, I'm continuing with my job as Lady of Best Lines, a task that has me posting a request for people to post their favourite lines in the thread to share with the group to help with our motivation!

I enjoy burning candles while I write. This year I picked up this one. It's gorgeous and smells like warm apple pie.

          I don't have too much else to add to this tonight, so I'll my exit and head off to finish those 500 words. #EitherWayKeepWriting #Nanowrimo

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