Friday, September 23, 2016

Well, that's all she wrote...

Well, that's it, that's all she wrote, I'm done.
Except that you're never really done when you're creative. There's always another book to write, another picture to draw, another song to create... there's always something more to do.
I am finished with Hunter, the first book of my Kitsune-Ken series. I've sent it out to beta readers (though really another one or two would be helpful) and I'm waiting for them to get back to me on it. With their aid and suggestions, hopefully I can make it even better. Then its a quick trip to a professional editor, while I work on covers and figure out how the publishing world works and...
Like I said, there's always another thing to do when you're creative. This book will hopefully be released just before Christmas this year, though I'll have to adjust that after I find out more from the editor.
In addition to that, I'm planing on what's going to happen in book 3 of this series. I'm going to be writing it during Nanowrimo this year, so another thing on my authory plate.
I will have stats for you... total word count, chapter from a female/male pov, average chapter length... interesting things like that. But for right now, I've been enjoying my rest. Reading, video games, giving blood... I even hosted a painting night!
Soon enough, I'll be back to work, planning, writing short stories, and doing other assorted authorly things. But for this week, there is rest and sleep and relaxation.
What do you guys do to relax after finishing a huge project? Do you have any suggestions for any great books for me to add to my reading list?

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