Sunday, February 28, 2016

A week of Nausea

          Bleh, its been another shitty week for me. Not from the tendinitis though. My wrists are almost 100% now. They're still a little more prone to hurting than I would like, but after nearly three weeks off of novel writing, I'm not surprised. Hopefully, with the weather turning towards spring, it will be gone for a few months. No, the reason this has been a shitty week for writing has been sickness. Our entire house (only two of us, but trust me, it doesn't help when its both of us) have come down sick this week.

Picture I made of a quote using Kobo's reading app. Quote was taken from Anne Bishop's series, The Others, Book 3, Vision in Silver. Note: The next novel in this series comes out next week & I am super excited. I can't wait to buy it!

          It started with my husband on Sunday, though I think he was feeling less than great for a few days before then. Soon after I caught it and then followed a week of hell. I was able to work on Monday and Tuesday, though my stomach was less than pleased to have me eating anything. Then Tuesday the full force of the flu hit me and I was out until Saturday. Even then I didn't leave the house at all this weekend, I'm still tired a lot and my stomach is displeased with just about anything I choose to eat. I assume I'm going to need another three or four days to get my stomach fully under control.
          Again, Bleh. I give myself the time I need while sick to get better, but it still urks me to remember that writing, while a sedentary task, is still work and thus, a no-no when I'm sick. Still, I got some writing done on Monday and Tuesday and got another 400-500 words written today, so my current total is 42,617.
          While I most likely won't reach 43,000 today, I am very glad I got some written. I'm hoping that I can move into March and get moving on it. By my count, I have about another 35k to go on this novel. My goal is to have it done by the end of March if at all possible. Regardless, I'll be keeping you guys updated on it.

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